The 10 Coolest Ballpark Traditions
By Adrienne Liu on Friday, May 9 2014

#1 PNC Park's pirate ship animation

Before the start of every game, PNC Park plays an epic video showing the team’s pirate ship destroying the other team’s ship. The statues at the park also come to life and help in the fight. If that won't pump you up for a ballgame, nothing will!

#2 Miller Park's running of the sausages

At every home game since the mid-1990s, the Famous Racing Sausages come out from the left field corner and race to home in the sixth inning. The five sausages are Brat, Polish Sausage, Italian Sausage, Hot Dog and Chorizo. It’s a fierce competition, but Italian Sausage has the early upper hand with seven wins so far in 2014.

#3 Fenway Park blasting "Sweet Caroline"

Even though it actually started in 1998, the playing of “Sweet Caroline” in the eighth inning didn’t become an official Fenway tradition until 2002. The tradition has become so beloved that other teams have started to copy it. The only people that don't like it are probably Yankees fans.

#4 Nationals Park's Racing Presidents

At Nationals Park, five 'presidents' race around the bases wearing huge foam heads that sort of resemble George Washington, Teddy Roosevelt, Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson and William Taft. Roosevelt lost 525 straight races until the last day of the 2012 season, the same day the Nationals made their first playoff appearance since 2005. Coincidence? I think not.

#5 Throwing home run balls back onto Wrigley Field

If you happen to catch an opponent’s home run balls at Wrigley Field, you're required to toss it right back onto the playing surface. Give it your best effort, though. The Cubs could use all the help they can get, so treat it as a tryout for the big leagues!

#6 Citi Field's Big Apple

After every Mets home run, the giant apple in center field rises out of the ground. Can you imagine seeing giant watermelons? Or giant pineapples? The MLB needs a team in Hawaii for that to happen.

#7 Minute Maid Park's orange train

Instead of giant apples after home runs, at Minute Maid Park a small train moves along the top of the left wall after each Astros home run and victory. Unfortunately you can’t buy tickets to go for a ride :(.

#8 Tropicana Field's light-up display

The roof of Tropicana Field is lit orange after each Rays’ win, that way people driving past the stadium know the outcome of the game. That should help the notorious Florida fans that leave games early...

#9 Angels Stadium's Rally Monkey

The Rally Monkey became an Angels Stadium hero in the 2002 playoffs when it guided the team to score six runs in the final two innings of Game Six to stave off elimination. It still cheers the team on today from the video board with the “It’s Rally Time!” sign. Why do the fine people of Los Angeles (Anaheim) think a monkey controls their team's destiny? Who knows.

#10 The Yankee Stadium roll call

One of the most famous traditions in baseball is the roll call at Yankee Stadium. During the top of the first inning, the famous Bleacher Creatures chant the name of each of the Yankees’ fielders (except the pitcher and catcher). Baseball won't be the same next year when the roll call no longer includes Derek Jeter.

Sources: YouTube, @MLBcathedrals