Why Fans of the Other 30 Teams Will be Sad This Weekend
By Joe Caporoso on Thursday, January 30 2014

Fans of the Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks are on cloud nine this week - but what about the rest of us? Here's one reason fans of each team will be sad while watching the big game:

New York Jets: Peyton Manning chose to spend an extra year at the University of Tennessee instead of declaring for the NFL Draft and becoming the team's obvious selection with the No. 1 overall pick all those years ago.

Buffalo Bills: You traded Marshawn Lynch.

Miami Dolphins: You took a quarterback in the 2012 NFL Draft and it wasn't Andrew Luck or Russell Wilson.

New England Patriots: You STILL haven't won a Super Bowl since Spygate.

Baltimore Ravens: You defended your crown by not even making the playoffs.

Pittsburgh Steelers: RYAN SUCCOP is still haunting your dreams.

Cincinnati Bengals: Somewhere, Andy Dalton just threw another interception.

Cleveland Browns: We'll pass here. It has been a hard enough offseason already.

Indianapolis Colts: You traded a FIRST-ROUND PICK for Trent Richardson.

Houston Texans: Nobody was further from the Super Bowl this season than your team.

Jacksonville Jaguars: Your team keeps being forced to lose in London. 

Tennessee Titans: You can never forget how you were one yard away against the Rams in the Super Bowl. 

Oakland Raiders: Denver is in your division and the Broncos have Peyton Manning at quarterback. You have...?

San Diego Chargers: What would have happened if you just covered Julius Thomas on those third down plays in the Divisional Round?

Kansas City Chiefs: So many Andrew Luck touchdowns...

New York Giants: You won a Super Bowl on a helmet catch by a guy who never caught another NFL pass after that. You have nothing to complain about. 

Dallas Cowboys: Your team will inevitably lose its playoff spot in Week 17 next season for the fourth straight year. 

Washington Redskins: Andrew Luck made the playoffs in his sophomore year. Russell Wilson made the Super Bowl. RG III? Not so much. 

Philadelphia Eagles: You ALMOST drafted Russell Wilson...but you didn't. 

Tampa Bay Bucs: You pay $16 million per year to a cornerback that isn't as good as Richard Sherman. 

New Orleans Saints: Why did Marques Colston try that lateral? Why? 

Carolina Panthers: You still can't believe how many times San Francisco stuffed you on the goal line! 

Atlanta Falcons: You beat Seattle in the playoffs last year. Roddy White beat Richard Sherman for a touchdown. And now look at your team! 

Green Bay Packers: You are still bitter about the FAIL MARY and can't stand the sight of Golden Tate. 

Chicago Bears: You still have Randall Cobb nightmares from Week 17. COVER HIM! WHY AREN'T YOU COVERING HIM?!?!

Minnesota Vikings: Seattle's backup quarterback started a playoff game for you a few years ago. 

Detroit Lions: You pay Matthew Stafford like he is Peyton Manning. He is not. 

St. Louis Rams: You pay Sam Bradford like he is Peyton Manning. He really is not. 

San Francisco 49ers: They now play the Richard Sherman BEATS commercial instead of the Colin Kaepernick one. 

Arizona Cardinals: YOU beat Seattle at home in front of the 12th man...and nobody seems to care or remember. 

Photo source: Getty Images