New York Giants - Midseason Report
By Joe Caporoso, Ed Valentine on Tuesday, November 5 2013

Today we continue our NFL midseason reports. We'll be asking bloggers for each NFL team about how the season has gone, their predictions for the rest of the way, and a few more fun questions on their favorite squad. Today, we talk with Ed Valentine of Big Blue View.

#1 Are you pleased with the season so far?

Ed: At 2-6 I'm disappointed, obviously. In all honesty I expected the Giants to struggle in the first half of the season and be better in the second half -- training camp and the preseason just didn't go well and they didn't seem ready. No way anyone could have foreseen an 0-6 start, however.

#2 What's your prediction for the Giants' final regular season record?

Ed: After winning two straight, some fans are optimistic that the Giants can get back into the playoff race. That says more about how awful the NFC East is than anything else. I think the Giants will make a run in the second half, but my guess is 7-9 is the absolute best they can do.

#3 What is one jersey every Giants fan should own?

Ed: Oh boy, that's a tough question. Absolutely DO NOT buy a Hakeem Nicks jersey, since he's probably a goner at season's end. If I was going to buy a jersey right now, I would probably not buy one of a guy on the current team. I'd go out and get a Michael Strahan jersey, since I think it's a lock he gets voted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame Class of 2014.

#4 Will you ever get tired of the Victor Cruz salsa dance?

Ed: No, because it always means something good has happened for the Giants.

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