Seattle Seahawks Midseason Report
By Joe Caporoso, Alejandro Pena on Wednesday, November 27 2013

Today we continue our NFL midseason reports. We'll be asking bloggers for each NFL team about how the season has gone, their predictions for the rest of the way, and a few more fun questions on their favorite squad. Today, we talk with Alejandro Pena of Field Gulls.

#1 Are you pleased with the season so far?

Alejandro: I think any Seahawks fan would be pleased. Seattle has looked great this season and while there have been a few games where they didn't looked like Super Bowl champion material, the Ravens and Giants (among others) have demonstrated that few Super Bowl champs look dominant for the duration of the season. This team has been a pleasure to watch.

#2 What's your prediction for the Seahawks' final regular season record?

Alejandro: That's a tough question. I think the Seahawks can end the season anywhere from 12-4 to 15-1. Considering the tough schedule the Seahawks are now facing (NO, SF, ARI, etc.), I'll predict a 13-3 record to finish the regular season. If that happens, Seattle should also enjoy the best record in the NFC.

#3 What is one jersey every Seahawks fan should own?

Alejandro: It's a good time to wear the Seattle jersey - that's for sure! I'm personally a fan of throwback jerseys or HOF players. Of current players I think the most popular jerseys are: Russell Wilson, Richard Sherman, Marshawn Lynch, 12th Man, and maybe Earl Thomas. Of those jerseys, I think Seattle fans should wear #12 first, and then a player of their choosing.

#4 Who do you think is the Seahawks' biggest threat in the NFC?

Alejandro: I think the easy answer here is the Saints, but I think the Panthers are a better team. Either has a chance to beat the Seahawks in Seattle, but I think Carolina would be better suited to take advantage of the Seahawks' weaknesses.

Sources: Getty Images, GIfDSports